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Since 1976, David Weekly Homes has been a major home builder in Florida.


David Weekley Homes can be found in exceptional residential communities in Lithia, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and the surrounding areas of the Florida Gulf Coast.David Weekley Homes offers excellent design and custom choices, including classic exteriors with timeless appeal; dramatic interiors that make a statement; flexSpace℠ to fit your life better; and livable plans designed for furniture placement.

David Weekley Homes: Custom Energy Efficient Designs


The David Weekley EnergySaver™ Homes are eco-friendly and energy efficient Florida homes. The David Weekley LifeDesign℠ Homes are designed with special attention to function (over form), natural light, sightlines, traffic patterns. The David Weekley FlexSpace℠ Homes offers flexible spaces in your home to change with your needs (i.e. new baby, empty nest, mother-in-law).